CORONA UPDATE - Feb 2, 2021

Due to the corona crisis we decided to offer an online alternative. This event is open for those who received an Eventbrite registration link.

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Building Bridges for Change 2021

Solution Focus Cooperation for
Young Professionals with a Purpose

We’ve worked hard to put together an unforgettable week for you. Explore the site for all the information you need, and if you have any questions, let us know.

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Are you convinced that:

  • we can make the world a better place?

  • working together is the key to change?

  • creating change can be stimulating and uplifting?

  • differences should be embraced?


Do you

  • have a longing for rapid and easy progress? 

  • long to feel more recognized and appreciated for the work you do?

  • sometimes feel you lack the skills to communicate better with people who work in different areas? 

  • become frustrated when so much time is lost in discussing what is not urgent or important? 

  • want to stop exhausting problem solving discussions and feel the energy of moving to a shared desired future? 

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Would you like to know how to:

  • engage others in the change you wish to see?

  • strengthen your own leadership skills?

  • build your resilience?​


Then register for the 2021
Building Bridges for Change Online Training Event

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Solution Focus

How can you talk about the things you want to change? You can talk about what you don’t want, or about what you want to see instead. You can point to what’s not working, or focus on what works in spite of the problem. You can confront others with what they are not doing or appreciate what they do already. 

Solution focused practitioners focus on what’s wanted (instead of the problem), on what works to bring about change (instead of what blocks) and on small experimental steps forward (instead of blueprints).

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Are you eager to learn how to:

  • move people from problem talk to solution talk?

  • connect with others?

  • focus on the qualities of other people?

  • engage others by exploring the desired future?

  • analyse success and learn from what works?

  • stimulate progress by using the power of small next steps?

Then come and join in a group of 30 young professionals like you at the 2021 Building Bridges For Change Training week at the heart of Europe!


The advantages of Solution focus are:

  • more joy 

  • smoother cooperation

  • better use of resources

  • quicker results

  • ease of use

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Programme Overview

Day 1: Mon. 19/04/21 - 1-5 pm CET
Dive into Solution-Focus

  • Solution-Focused conversation tools 

  • Attitude and outlook of the SF professional

  • The thinking behind the cooking: why we do what we do in SF.

Day 2: Tue. 20/04/21 - 1-5 pm CET
Step into your future perfect

  • Collaboration

  • Leadership

  • OASIS Reflective Team

Day 3: Wed. 21/04/21 - 1-5 pm CET
Building strong teams

  • Embodiment

  • The power of expectations

  • Accept and build

  • OASIS Reflective team

Day 4: Th. 22/04/21 - 1-5 pm CET
From Conflict to Collaboration

  • Networking

  • Powerful tools for difficult conversations

  • Building better relationships

  • OASIS Reflective team

Day 5: Fr. 23/04/21 - 1-5 pm CET
Next steps

  • OASIS Reflective team

  • From conflict to collaboration

  • Harvest: your take-aways and next steps

  • Closing


This week will enable you to:

  • put this life enhancing approach in to practice very quickly

  • lead change more effectively

  • deliver your message with more clarity

  • influence others better

  • build more constructive relationships

  • inspire communities for change

  • discover additional strengths

  • strengthen your resilience

  • form a bond with 30 young professionals

  • develop an appreciative awareness of yourself and others

  • ignite the power of your purpose.

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This event is a profound gift to yourself and your organisation: an invitation to make change easier and build bridges for change.

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For who?

  • 30 young professionals engaged to make a difference, 

  • aged between 23 and 35 years old,

  • with a heart for a better future,

  • active in profit, non-profit, education, public or private sector,

  • proficient in English 

There will be a good gender and diversity balance. Access for people with disabilities is assured. 


Each day of the training you will also:

  • connect with yourself and others 

  • apply the solution focus immediately on what matters most to you now,

  • experience how change can be easier 

  • enjoy constructive dialogues

  • have fun and use all your intelligences (rational, emotional, physical,…)  to deepen your learnings 

  • be part of rich encounters between people from profit and non profit organizations  ​

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Register now and join us!

Due to the corona crisis we decided to offer an online alternative for those who already registered for the BB4C event. Registrations are only open to those who received an email from us on Feb. 2 2021.

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When: 19-23 April 2021

Where: online: zoom.


  • 100€



Liselotte Baeijaert

+ 32 477 89 35 43‬


Why should you be part of this?

This gathering will support and enable you to master the skills of Solution Focused and future oriented conversations. You will enhance your ability to collaborate and to communicate in a constructive way with like-minded and other-minded people.


Building Bridges For Change is supported by SFiO

SFiO is the international network of solution-focused practitioners which promotes, supports and develops research and applications of Solution Focus in Organisations.