How to convince your boss?

Show this to your boss:

  • Are you looking for a life changing incentive that will benefit your organisation and your employees, both in their private and professional lives? Here is your chance

  • This week will provide your employee with tools to have better conversations to influence colleagues, clients, suppliers… 

  • The new skills will contribute to the creation of a happier workplace where people respect each other and co-create solutions for problems without blame

  • It is a strong anti-dote against a culture of complaining, stress and burn out. Why not send several colleagues to this unique event? They can support each other at work and spread the good habits of constructive and energising interactions in your organisation

  • This event will be hosted by senior professionals with a long experience of working in all kind of organisations world wide. They are donating their time for free

  • The course provides time to focus on useful skills that are multi-applicable: in one-to-one conversations, in meetings, in negotiations, in coaching and management 

  • The mix of profit and non-profit, education and government organisations has proven to be enriching for everyone 

  • Your employee will have the chance to work on a personal project or concrete professional challenge and come back with new fresh ideas 

  • You will contribute to the creation of better relationships, better work and in the end a better world

  • Curious? Please call us, we are looking forward to hear from you! (+32(0)477/893.543)    

  • Oh and if you belong to the target group, please join us too!