What other people say about similar training events:

Even more than the learning aspect, Liselotte and Anton made something shift in my mind. The biggest merit of this training is that when this happens, it becomes inevitable and natural to apply all you have learned. I hope more people embrace SF. It's a skill that can change interactions and cooperation between very diverse people. And who knows, create better family ties, workplaces, and society. You don't need to be a coach to get huge benefit from this week.

Ciska de Pillecyn

The training is like entering into a new state of mind, a new world and that is wonderful! It shifts the way of thinking from seeing mainly the negative aspects in a situation in recognizing the positive,  the options and resources. It is amazing how it changed my whole way of living!  It’s like you have a new pair of glasses! I am more efficient now in my interactions and how I organize myself and I have the structured questions to support others in finding their solutions.

Andreea Pandelache - Orange OD Consultant

This training is very well put together and is perfectly structured so that you can learn and apply the methodology in a playful way. I never felt that I was taking a course even though a lot of information was shared. After this week I feel confirmed, encouraged and inspired to do more with who I am and what I have to offer. Thanks!

Brenda Vandenberghe

This training gave me a lot of energy, it gives me the lightness to deal with any challenge life confronts me with. That’s a very profound change.

I could immediately use the tools I learned here and put them into practice in my work as a trainer and coach. From the very first day the training builds up the confidence to grow and to practice as a coach in a very natural way. That’s the key to success!

Diana Voice - MMM Consulting

When I think back about the training SF coaching my heart jumps with joy: such nice encounters with professionals who shared their knowledge and skills with me, the trainers who provided an optimal learning environment, not only addressing the head, but also body, heart and soul. There were so many sparkling moments that my self-confidence as a coach got an enormous boost. Thank you!! 

Kim Schoonis

A powerful training in which Anton and Liselotte created a very safe environment and a positive atmosphere. Thanks to the practical approach, you learn a lot in one week. But the training went further than purely 'learning to coach’: you really work on your own mental balance. This made it a very valuable week.

Doede Okkema, Nederland

A very dear friend of mine had suggested to come to this event and it's the best decision I made this year. The warmth you receive from Petra & Liselotte is overwhelming and the kindness from the group, well, words cannot explain. The bond you build and experiences you share with the group is amazing. I certainly would recommend that you go and visit this retreat it could change your life.

Francesca Cassar, Malta

I discovered a new way of living. I changed my mindset, my communication style and approach to people, also how I am looking at my children. I pay a lot more attention on what people are saying and the communication becomes much simpler. Solutions are coming up in a very easy and natural way without putting pressure.

Andra Antonescu - Deloitte HR Manager

SF at work has given me not only the inspiration, but also the concrete ideas and practical tools to mobilize positive energy in people and organizations with minimal intervention.

Michiel Deturck, Managing Partner, Vendis Capital

Good people management is about listening and asking powerful questions. That’s what Solution Focus is all about. To focus more on what is already working, to recognize the signs of success and how can you build up on them. It is a shift of perspective and gives a lot of positive energy.

Aurelian Sin - Daone IS Director South East Europe

It was a great experience to be totally into SF practice and to be facilitated by such experienced and dedicated and enthousiastic people! It helped me to get to know so many different ways and places to use SF.

Anne Mieke Don, Arbeids- en Organisatieadviseur, Rabobank Nederland

Dear Liselotte and John, Thank you so much for a very useful and interesting day last Tuesday. I think it was worth it, every minute of the time spent together.

Anu Vuori-Kiikeri Chef d'administration, Conseiller Ambassade de Finlande

Something has clicked and it’s all happening quite organically. I am now enjoying work, I have productive days and feel busy but not stressed. I did not come back with anything in mind and I’m not doing anything particularly different, this is just happening… it feels good in a calm and grounded way. It’s an externally subtle but HUGE change. Just what I needed. Whether one is going though a tricky time or not, I believe this program helps with making steps towards achieving a better version of oneself.

Giovanna, Italy

It was a revelation for me to discover such a simple technique and yet very deep. It helped me to see the freedom to get detached from a problem and to see it as a simple situation that has to have different solutions and different perspectives. This program is easy to access and is applicable as well in the personal life as in the professional life. 

Crenguta Jantea - Partner at Expense Reduction Analysts