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How to register

UPDATE Feb. 2021

Due to the corona crisis we decided to offer an online alternative for those who already registered for the BB4C event. Registrations are only open to those who received an email from us on Feb. 2 2021.

Please register by filling out this registration form and send us a motivational letter in which you tell us more about:

  • yourself

  • your current job

  • the difference you wish to make in your professional life

  • what you hope to get out of this training week and the differences that will make

  • the qualities and experience you will bring to this week and the benefits it will have on all participants.

We will do our best to include everyone. However we need to make sure that we will have a good mix of participants from profit and non-profit organisations, gender and nationality.

After you registered you will get a confirmation as soon as possible. We will send the rest of the practical information and the invoice afterwards.